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Roadside Services FAQ
Q:What are the charges for requested vehicle services?

The costs per service incident can range, depending on the incident and location of the service. The average Base Service costs are:

  • Passenger/Light Duty per incident from $65.00 to $120.00/hr.
  • Medium Duty per incident from $85.00 to $165.00/hr.
  • Heavy Duty per incident from $165.00 to $275.00/hr.
Q:Do I need to enroll to use the National Automobile Club (NAC) roadside assistance program?

You do not need to enroll your account, but you will need to make sure the Purchase Controls on individual cards are set up to allow "Roadside" purchases. You can add the Roadside Services option to both Fuel Only and Custom Control Cards. Please call Customer Service if you have any difficulty finding the "Roadside" option under Purchasing Controls. Simply call the phone number listed on the back of your fleet card.

Q:Can I set a dollar or transaction limit on my fleet card for Roadside Services?

No, all service cost limits are handled by the driver and their supervisor. Service requests outside typical and reasonable parameters (including excessive tow miles and high costs dependent on vehicle class) are flagged and require additional review. In extreme cases, NAC may ask the driver to seek explicit approval from their supervisor prior to dispatching service.

Q:How will my drivers know where to call for assistance?

Print out the Roadside Services vehicle cards at place them in each vehicle's glove box, and give a copy to each driver.

Q:How does my driver pay for the service?

NAC will bill all charges to your fleet card. If the fleet card is not available at the time of service, they will need to obtain the account number, the card number, driver identification number and expiration date from their supervisor in order for NAC to provide service. (Exception for Lockout Service - the driver will be required to provide a Supervisor or Fleet Manager's name and phone number and will be asked to call NAC when the vehicle has been unlocked to provide the card number.

Q:What information will my drivers be asked to provide when they call NAC for service?

When drivers call the NAC toll free number they will be asked to provide their fleet card account number, card number, driver identification number, and card expiration date. The NAC dispatcher will then ask for year, make, model and color of the vehicle, vehicle license number and odometer, contact phone number and the nature of the breakdown, location information and when requesting tow service the tow destination.

Q:If my vehicle needs work after it is towed to a location, what is the authorization process?

Once the vehicle arrives at a location, the NAC transaction ends. Any services you request from the location need to be authorized as a separate transaction on your card and would be subject to any parts and service purchase controls you may have set.

Q:How will NAC charges appear on my invoice and in my reporting?

Roadside charges will appear in the "Non-fuel" section of your Vehicle Analysis Report with NAC listed as the brand.

Q:How quickly will these charges appear on my account?

It could take up to 30 to 45 days, or up to 2 billing cycles to see Roadside charges on your account.

Q:Will I be charged a fee if my driver is able to get the vehicle back on the road before the provider arrives to service the vehicle?

If your driver calls back and cancels the service before a provider is dispatched, there will be no charge.

Q:What if I already have arrangements for roadside assistance?

If you already have roadside assistance as part of a vehicle's warranty coverage or a contract with another provider, you still might want to select the Roadside Services option as an alternative in cases of emergency or for service when your manufacturer's coverage expires. You will need to communicate to your drivers that they should contact their primary roadside assistance provider first, since we will not be able to reimburse you if a driver contacts NAC in error.

Q:What if I want to have the vehicle towed to a service location of my choice?

If the vehicle needs to be towed, NAC will coordinate towing the vehicle to the service location your driver provides to the NAC dispatcher.

Q:How long will it take for the tow service to respond?

On average, a very high percentage of services are completed within 60 minutes. Factors that can affect response times are time of day, weather, traffic, severity of the disablement and the distance of the tow.

Roadside Services is delivered through a partnership with the National Automobile Club (NAC), one of the premier service motor clubs in the United States.

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